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About SWSA

A Salisbury tradition for 80 years, this all-volunteer organization has fostered the exhilarating sport of ski jumping among all ages and generations. SWSA continues to improve its snowmaking capabilities, ensuring that the Eastern National Ski Jumping Championships will remain an annual event in Salisbury, CT

In recent years, SWSA has promoted Alpine and Nordic skiing as well. However, efforts to provide a venue for these winter activities still remain partially dependent upon Mother Nature. Technological enrichment continues to advance the Club's snow-making by leaps and bounds.

Other Resources and links:

USSA — The United States Ski and Snowboard Association
Lake Placid Complex — Olympic Regional Development Authority
Harris Hill — Harris Hill Ski Jumping
Eastern Ski Jumping — Eastern Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined

Current Board of Directors and Officers

Officers — 2009/2010

Ken Barker, President — “I joined because I got dragged into it, and I stay to try to keep everybody in line.”

Mat Kiefer, Vice President — “SWSA is all about friends and family. I have been coming to help for over 40 years and plan to be helping for many more.”

Jon Higgins, Treasurer — “I have always been impressed with SWSA's long tradition of supporting our children and families in teaching them to ski.”

Carey Fiertz, Secretary — “To me, SWSA, means a chance to contribute to my new community, to relive some of the college ski racing experience and to work for a terrific cause and great people.”

Board of Directors

Don Breslauer — “I joined SWSA around 1986 when my kids were leaning to ski at Bittersweet and learned that it could use people with diverse talents. Mine was welding. My most memorable experience was making snow through the night in sub zero temperatures when water doesn’t want to move.”

Digby Brown — “I arrived in 1985 and within the year, after discussions about the jumping history we shared, I was roped in by the Kiefer boys. And as they say where I as brought up; 'New Hampshire born and bred, no job too cold.'"

Nic Collin — “Where else can you have your young children learn to ski - downhill, cross country and jump for a full winter season for the cost of a day at a ski resort? I love this organization and my fellow directors, who all believe that nothing is impossible.”

Cicily Hajek — “Ski jumping is a tight knit sport that develops loyalty. The SWSA directors are supportive and hard - working and somehow one wants to do one’s part. I guess the Salisbury tradition has become a part of me.”

Kathy Trahan

George Kiefer — “I came down to the jump one night about 1950 to help put the ice on the hill. I’ve been involved with SWSA ever since. It’s been a challenge, a lot of fun, and, best of all, I’ve made many good friends.”

Reggie Lamson — “I got involved because I made the mistake of coming to watch my kids practice and Mat asked me to join. My dad jumped and as a kid I jumped. In Salisbury we all jumped in those days.”

Reggie Lamson Jr.

Jeff Pelletier — “I like both the challenge of pulling off the jumps each year and working with good people.”

Jack Phelps — “My involvement with SWSA started many years ago as a young skier from Salisbury. The programs they provided gave me some of the best memories of my days growing up here.”

Holly Reid —“I started to get involved with SWSA when the kids were little and learning to ski and I stayed because it's nice to be part of this tradition and to work with good people.”

Lisa Sheble — “The ski jump, a sport that remains largely unchanged since it began here in 1926, is a modern day New England miracle. It inspires a dedicated effort throughout our community. What an outpouring of generosity all around! And we get to see skiers fly through the air - nothing better.”

John Sullivan — “"As a lifetime winter sports fanatic getting involved with SWSA was a no brainer for me as it's all about the kids of which I have 3 in the local school system who have all experienced the generosity of SWSA first hand through the local ski programs that SWSA supports. I have made many friends volunteering for SWSA and I value the group of dedicated volunteers I work with a great deal as well as the amazing support the entire community pours into our club." The fact that this is such a niche sport makes it all that much more fun to spread the word!

Cricket Trotta — “It's all about the children and skiing and the camaraderie we directors bring to putting on the yearly jumps.”

Willie Hallihan

Caroline Gilbert


Volunteers Are Needed

As always, a helping hand at any of our programs is always appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering and helping out please give us a call or send an email. Even the little things help.



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