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SWSA News & Updates

2013 Human Dogsled Race Rules

Here are the basic rules for the Human Dogsled Race. For clarification, please email Ken Barker at

The registration fee is $25 per team, and all team members are waived the $10 admission charge.

All team members must be at least 18 years of age.

Each participant must sign a liability release form before competing.

Six person teams - five pulling, one riding.

All participants must wear shoes.

Team members should arrive at least an hour before the event begins to allow time to organize sign releases, etc.

For men and mixed teams, riding person must be at least two hundred pounds or equivalent weight in sled.

The vehicle must be wheel-less - it can have runners, skis or be smooth-bottomed, and it must be a “vehicle” in the sense that someone will ride “in” it. Example: the rider cannot be on skis or a snowboard.

Word of Caution: It has been our experience that during races, occasionally a pulling member of the team falls, but the other members continue to pull. This can result in the fallen member being run over by the sled. Keep this in mind when deciding on the type of sled bottom you engineer. (remember this: Click Here)

The vehicle must be pulled, not pushed or carried

The vehicle must maintain contact with the snow at all times.

The race will be timed.

The team’s time will be determined when the front of the sled crosses the finish line, not the first puller.

There will be two-team qualifying races. The fastest six teams will compete in the finals.

The winner will be determined by the sum of their two times- the lowest scoring team wins.

A trophy will be awarded to the winner.

Teams are encouraged to decorate and customize their “sleds”.

There will be a People’s Choice award for the best sled.