2015 Jumpfest Weekend

Friday Feb 6: Jumping under the lights, Target Jump, Human Dogsled Race, Chili Cookoff.

Saturday Feb 7: Junior Nordic Competition 20m and 30m, Salisbury Invitational Ski Jump, Ice Carving, SnowBall Dance.

Sunday Feb 8: U.S. Eastern States Junior Championship

For more information on the week long Winter Festival, Click Here.

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Jumpfest Schedule

Times are estimated. Events may last longer than expected.

  • 6:30pm - Chili Cook-off
  • 7:00pm - Target Jumping
  • 8:30pm - Human Dog Sled Race
  • 8:00am - Jr 20m, 30m practice
  • 9:00am - Jr 20m, 30m Jumping Competition
  • 11:00am - 60m practice
  • 1:00pm - 89th Salisbury Invitational Championship
  • 8:00pm - Snowball Party
  • 11:00am - 60m practice
  • 1:00pm - U.S. Eastern Ski Jumping Championship

Jumpfest Pricing

For all events at Satre Hill, that's Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday Feb. 6-8, admission is $15 for adults and children 12 years old and under are free.

The Snow Ball admission is also $15.There are discounts for 2 ($20) and 3 ($30) day tickets, senior discounts ($5 off) and group discounts ($5 off).

Most events outside of Satre Hill are free.

2015 89th Annual Jumpfest


2015 Jumpfest Winter Festival. More than just Jumping!

  Jumpfest Winter Festival 2015 promises to be bigger and better than ever as new events have been added to the already action-packed schedule. The week preceding Jumpfest, starting on Friday, January 30, will feature art shows, a restaurant week including 30 area eateries, a martial arts exhibition, wine tasting, Curling open house, local school sports events as well as many, many business deals and giveaways.

Friday February 6th, at Satre Hill in Salisbury, Friday Nite Lights will again feature target ski jumping under the lights, a restaurant chili cookoff and the ever-popular Human Dogsled Race (where five people pull one rider on a team-designed sled).

Saturday, February 7th begins with a junior ski jumping competition at Satre Hill where our junior competitors get to display their skills, followed by the Salisbury Invitational Tournament featuring jumpers from the eastern division. Downtown in Salisbury at LaBonnes Square, some of the area’s most talented ice... read more